North West Kent

Family History


Registered Charity 282627

Sevenoaks Branch

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at the Sevenoaks Community Centre, Otford Road, Sevenoaks, TN14 5DN (at the junction with Crampton Road). Doors open at 7.15pm, meetings start 8.00pm, ending by 9.30pm. In addition to the talks, there is a bookstall, continuing projects and all the helpful advice that you might need. We welcome new members, so please come along.

Branch Chair - Barbara Attwaters, Meetings Organizer - Chris Barnett.

You can view or download the branch newsletter edited by Bernie Wilkins from the Newsletters page. This is also available at branch meetings.

The Sevenoaks programme for 2015-16 is as follows:

Date Speaker Title

Jan No Meeting  

12 Feb Paul Evans(Head of Library & Archives) Royal Regiment of Artillery

12 Mar * David Cufley Kevin Bacon Family History Laboratory - An interactive exploration of "Six degrees of separation"
& Branch Annual Meeting

9 Apr Glen Jones Kentish Valour

14 May * David Williams The History of Oldbury Hill

11 Jun Eric Probert Electoral Registers

9 Jul Bob Ogley Kent in the 19th Century

Aug No Meeting  

10 Sep Kathy Chater Coroner's Inquests

8 Oct Celia Heritage The Parish Chest

12 Nov * Don Doncaster 'The Unknown Warrior' (who is buried in Westminster Abbey as a memorial to the dead of WW1).

10 Dec Geoff Doel & partner Outsiders - Smugglers etc

Jan No Meeting  

11 Feb * Kyle Greenfield Private Horace Brooks Of Halstead - a brave man and a Patriot during WW1

10 Mar Ian Walker The Great Houses of Sevenoaks
& Branch Annual Meeting