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Library Master Catalogue

You can view or download the Library Master Catalogue (December 2015 update, excludes microfiche & film). The Aims, Purpose and Method Report gives an explanation of the catalogue, and lists the codes used.

 Master Catalogue

 Aims, Purpose & Method Report

Microfiche & Microfilm Catalogue

This has its own catalogue which is being updated and will shortly be available from here.

The Photographic Collection

You can view or download the Photographic Collection Listing (2013 update). The second part of this collection is the Kent Parish Church listing (2013 update).

The Photographic Collection is not included in the Master Catalogue as these are not public publications. The photographs have come from private family history collections donated to the Society for the use by members or the Ivan Green 'Kent Parish Church Collection'. The original photographs and slides have been scanned and printed into a standard size (6" x 4", 150mm x 100mm) and format for reference and display in the Library on the open shelves. The original photographs are in their 'as received' size, format and mounting and have been put into the Library store and can be produced if requested. Each photograph has been given an individual reference which starts with 'PHC' or 'KPC' followed by a four figure number.

The Library will accept photographs that are donated to the Society. Donated photographs should show a place and or activity from our area. Pictures that show just 'granny' are not generally accepted unless there is a story or article that refers to them. Copyright of the pictures should be passed to the Society so they can reproduce them.

 Photographic Collection Listing

 Kent Parish Church listing

The Map collection

The catalogue of this collection is included as part of the main library catalogue which you can view or download as part of the Library Catalogue Listing (December 2015 update).